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Australian Property Institute

The Australian Property Institute is the leading and contemporary membership organisation for property professionals that develops and supports our members to advise the community and business. Members of the Australian Property Institute are impartial, objective and independent. Like our members, the Institute is also impartial, objective and independent.

The Australian Property Institute:

  • sets and maintains the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for our members. In turn the work of the Institute raises the bar for the entire property profession.
  • advocates for our members with a range of stakeholders. We do not represent one sector of the property profession but a wide range of property professionals.
  • provides professional recognition for each member. Australian Property Institute membership requires minimum qualifications and experience. When you are dealing with a member of the Australian Property Institute you are dealing with a highly qualified, highly skilled professional.

Australian Property Institute members can be found across all sectors of the property profession, in private practice and in the public sector. This broad base of qualified and skilled professionals is unique to the Australian Property Institute. The Institute is committed to building and maintaining a strong base for the future of the property profession through broadening the expertise and knowledge of membership.

The Institute does not represent just one sector of the property profession. This broad coverage means that the Institute does not act as a lobby group. As a result, the Institute’s impartial, objective and independent advice is sought after by a broad range of organisations including all levels of Government.

In 2015 the Institute undertook the largest structural review in its then 89-year history. The result of that review was an Institute re-focussed on providing the best services to our members and key stakeholders. Administrative processes were streamlined allowing the Institute to place additional resources into Professional Standards, Advocacy and Discipline.

  • Our Professional Standards Team keeps our members up to date with Guidance Notes, Practice Standards and Information Papers which ensures that members provide the best possible advice to their clients.
  • Our Advocacy Team works closely with a range of key stakeholders including Governments, financial institutions, regulators and kindred bodies. The Institute is not a lobby group so our independent advice is sought after and highly regarded.
  • Our Education Team works alongside the tertiary institutions who offer our accredited courses to ensure that graduates are work ready. They also produce the API’s wide ranging professional development and training programs.
  • Our Communications Team is responsible for ensuring that Members are informed about the work of the API and provided with the information they need to provide the best service to their clients.
  • The Australian Property Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and Complaints Processes ensure that all clients from an individual to the largest company can be certain that the advice they receive from an Australian Property Institute member is backed by a rigorous discipline process.

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