Bartesko Land Services

In the Property Industry Bartesko Land Services operates as a Property Consultancy and Valuation Business. It provides Professional Land Access and Negotiation advice/support to companies and individuals, along with Valuation services dealing with the valuation of property and determination of compensation to be offered in the case of land being resumed. Valuation services are also offered to law firms and individuals who require a valuation for family law matters or estate planning. ‚Äč

Member – Australian Property Institute Valuers Limited (APIV) and liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

D. Wayne Bartesko, AAPI/CPV

wayne@barteskoland.com | Phone: 0439 473 832

Wayne has worked as a Valuer and Land Access Professional for over twenty years in Australia and Canada.

Having been Registered as a Valuer in Queensland since 2007, Wayne has worked for two National Valuation Company’s and also worked in the Oil and Gas Sector as a Land Access Professional.

Wayne has volunteered his time to support the organization and development of the first Australian International Right of Way Association Chapter and was awarded the Associations Senior Right of Way Agent designation.

Wayne prides himself on punctual courteous service and follows through on his commitments made to clients.

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